Latest installation

Henley on klip - Residential

This project was done in Henley on Klip. The Client needed speed with installation and precast is perfect because once the slabs are erected and grouted , brickwork can commence 24hours later .

Vanderbijilpark - Residential

This Project was a roof removal , meaning the client had a single story house and wanted to go double story however he wanted to keep his original ceilings . So the roof was removed , the trusses were reinforced and the load bearing walls were built up past the level of the trusses .

Hollow core

This our new Hollow Core Slab . 160mm deep and 600mm wide . we can Span up top lengths of 7200 without additional support . We cater to all size projects . Erected with our mobile cranes and truck mounted cranes . Speed and efficiency is the goal using hollow core which can be built off the very next day .