Concrete has always been a popular material for builders in South Africa. On-site concrete casting has been a common practice for residential and commercial contractors alike. However, homeowners and developers in South Africa have recently been looking to use precast concrete solutions to combat unforeseen hindrances during building projects. Precast concrete is a versatile and durable solution to complex and unpredictable construction sites. This method can be used for floor slabs, even precast concrete stairs are an option.



How does precast concrete work in South Africa?


Although precast concrete is new to the game in South Africa, this method for preparing concrete is heavily monitored during the manufacturing process. Precast concrete manufacturers require exact measurements from clients and rely on professional engineers to oversee the process. The reason that so many builders have converted to precast is because the process is significantly easier to manage than on-site pouring. Unlike on-site concrete casting, precast concrete is designed and manufactured in a controlled environment according to exact specifications. Controlled environments are not subject to changes in weather, human error or other unforeseen delays. Furthermore, these slabs can be installed and ready for work within a matter of hours.


Precast concrete for residential buildings?


The advantages of precast concrete in commercial properties and infrastructure has been substantially explored over the past few years. However, precast concrete in residential applications is still being explored. Precast concrete in South Africa offers a variety of benefits to homeowners as well as commercial developers. This concrete pouring method provides opportunity for aesthetics, styling, durability, reliability and sustainability. Likewise, precast can be a more affordable material as it can cut labour costs, avoid unforeseen weather delays and more. As precast gains considerable traction in a residential capacity, keep your eyes peeled for precast slab examples in your neighbourhood and community!



Precast concrete for commercial buildings?


Precast concrete slabs are ideal for commercial buildings and larger infrastructure. They can save builders and developers time, money and energy for variety of reasons. It is the ease of installation and the control over design and manufacturing process that makes precast concrete in South Africa the ideal choice for commercial use. Precast concrete in commercial buildings is more common than many people think and has been for many years; lookout in your area for examples of precast slabs in commercial applications. The advantages are many!


What is a Hollow Core Slab?


One cannot discuss precast concrete without discussing Hollow Core Slabs. These slabs are typically used in the construction of floors for residential homes as well as industrial buildings. These precast slabs are popular as they offer builders a variety of diverse uses. Hollow Core can cater to projects of all sizes as they are erected with mobile cranes or truck mounted cranes. These slabs are beloved as they are quick, easy and affordable to manufacture and install in South Africa. See Hollow Core slabs in action here.



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