What types of buildings in South Africa can use precast concrete?

When it comes to precast concrete slabs, many people think of large-scale, industrial projects. As much as precast concrete in South Africa can be used for commercial buildings, precast concrete for residential buildings is also an option. Precast concrete slabs can be used for all kinds of projects in South Africa. It can be used for floor slabs or even precast concrete stairs. Here is brief breakdown of precast concrete and how it can be used in commercial and residential buildings in South Africa.

What is precast concrete?

To start, what is precast concrete? Unlike site-cast concrete, precast concrete in South Africa is poured offsite. In a controlled environment, so as to avoid any unpredictable complications, the concrete is poured into a mould and cured. This is done to the exact measurements specified by a client, making this method incredibly efficient for any construction project. Once the precast concrete structure is ready, the slab will be delivered to the construction site in South Africa. As well as efficient delivery to a construction site, Steps & Stairs CC can design and install for a client if required.

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Precast concrete for commercial buildings or precast concrete for residential buildings?

Precast concrete structures can be beneficial for all types of construction projects in South Africa. It is the ease of use and the cost efficiency that makes precast concrete slabs the perfect choice for commercial and residential buildings alike. When using precast concrete, contractors can avoid weather delays, costs of labour and unpredictable errors that can postpone a project. This is significant for any type of build in South Africa regardless of scale. Alongside this, precast concrete slabs give clients the opportunity to play around with different styles and aesthetics. As the material is moulded to specific measurements, it means that unique colours, shapes and textures can be chosen for the concrete.

Advantages of precast concrete

There are many advantages to using precast concrete slabs as opposed to site-cast concrete in South Africa. Precast concrete is substantially more cost effective for a number of reasons. The slabs are cured in a controlled environment which eliminates much of the risk from the building process. Here are a few more advantages to using precast concrete in South Africa.

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Steps & Stairs CC

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