Wouldn’t it be great to start a construction project in Boksburg and not have to worry about weather delays, costs of labour or having to wait around for the concrete to set? Well what if I told you that all of this is possible and that the solution is right under your nose! Yup, I am talking precast concrete solutions. Whether you are doing home renovations, part of a commercial development or adding some nice new garden features, precast concrete is for you and here is why!  

What is Precast Concrete  

Before we get stuck into why precast concrete is the best choice for your construction project in Boksburg. Here’s a brief look at what is precast concrete and what precast concrete can be used for? The most significant difference between onsite concrete casting and precast is that precast concrete is poured into a mould and cured in a controlled environment to the exact measurements and specifications needed by a client. Many structures can be made using this precast method including bridges, foundations, retaining walls, basins or even precast concrete steps & stairs. 

Is Precast Concrete quick to use?  

One of the biggest reasons why precast is a brilliant choice for any construction project is because this method is very quick. Once the structure has been made, it can be transported, delivered and installed onsite in Boksburg. The process will not be impacted by changes in weather and there is no waiting around for the concrete to set. Furthermore, the structures can be ordered in advance and work can continue right up until installation and continue a mere 24 hours later.  

Is Precast Concrete durable?  

Many might have concerns that, although precast concrete can speed up construction time, it may not be the most durable in the long term. This is not true! Precast concrete is made durable and resilient by some of the inherent properties found in the material. It is said to be able to withstand all types of unpredictable weather patterns in Boksburg.  

Is Precast Concrete cheap?  

Our final reason for why precast concrete is the right choice for you is the affordability of the process. Precast concrete eliminates much of the risk from your build: avoiding unpredictable weather, unforeseen delays and other problems that can arise with labour on a building site. Finding the best precast concrete manufacturer in Boksburg with the best precast concrete prices for you will greatly enhance your construction project. 

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Steps & Stairs CC 

Speaking of the best precast concrete manufacturer in Boksburg, Steps & Stairs CC have been designing, installing and manufacturing precast concrete structures for over three decades. They have gained extensive knowledge of precast concrete stairs, steps, floors and slabs through a variety of commercial and residential projects. This, along with honesty and integrity at the core of their business, has enabled this family owned company to become industry leaders in precast concrete solutions.  

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