There have been many reasons to stress over the past two years, the emergence of the COVID19 pandemic has meant slow progress and delayed projects whether that be commercial or residential. With things slowly getting back to normal in Centurion, building sites and delayed projects have been allowed to resume and many have been looking to precast concrete structures to save on time, money and risky onsite concrete casting. If you fit into this category, we have collated this brief guide to help you get started with your precast concrete endeavours in Centurion.

What types of projects can precast concrete be used in?

Precast Concrete is not only popular for its affordability and ease of use, precast concrete can also be used for a wide variety of projects and structures. Precast concrete can be used for anything from parking garages to office buildings or retail shops to stadiums. Some very popular structures in Centurion include precast concrete floor slabs as well as precast concrete stairs. Using precast concrete for these structures can save money in the long run by avoiding onsite delays such as unpredictable weather, not to mention the many other benefits of precast such as sustainability, efficiency and versatility. 

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Precast Concrete Manufacturing

Knowing if precast concrete is right for your specific project in Centurion is one thing, but we want to break it down even further by detailing exactly how your precast concrete stairs will be manufactured. The most important advantage of precast concrete is that all structures will be molded offsite in a controlled environment. This is what allows precast structures in Centurion to be so risk free! Your concrete will be poured into a mold, cured in this controlled environment to achieve the perfect product. It can then either be simply delivered or delivered and installed onsite by your precast concrete manufacturing company. Regardless, this method saves on labour, time and money. 

Precast Concrete Price

Precast concrete stairs will help you save money during your building project. Precast stairs allow you to have an exact structure delivered and installed to your site with no concerns over unpredictable building delays. We have mentioned the cost effective nature of precast concrete a few times in this guide. At this point, you may be wondering “how much does precast concrete cost”? Well, this all depends on choosing the right precast concrete manufacturer in Centurion for you. Based on transport, volume and size of materials, every structure might be different!

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Steps & Stairs Precast Concrete

Although every structure might be different, having a reliable, credible and trustworthy precast concrete stair supplier is paramount. Steps & Stairs CC have been designing, manufacturing and installing intricate precast concrete steps & stairs for over a decade in Centurion. Anything from residential to commercial sites across borders, Steps & Stairs precast concrete can accommodate for projects of all sizes.

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